David Clendon and Kennedy Graham withdraw from Green Party caucus

David Clendon and Kennedy Graham have today withdrawn from the Green Party caucus, following on from their decision yesterday to withdraw from the Party’s 2017 election list.

They will stay on as Green MPs for the remainder of this Parliamentary term, but will not participate in caucus and strategy meetings, or campaigning.

“David and Kennedy withdrew from caucus today. That decision was supported by the other 12 Green Party MPs,” said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw.

“They have made the right decision today. We wish David and Kennedy the best.

“The remainder of the Green Party caucus is 100 percent behind our co-leader, Metiria.

“There are six-and-a-half weeks until the election. The Green Party will be campaigning to stop climate change, protect our rivers and lakes, and end poverty in New Zealand.

“We know New Zealanders care deeply about these issues, and they want us to be the champions for them in Parliament and during the election campaign.

“We are united, we’re determined, and we’re ready to change the government,” said Mr Shaw. 


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