Delegates at the Green Party AGM have voted to re-open nominations for Co-leader

Delegates at the AGM of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand have voted to retain Marama Davidson as Green Party co-leader and to re-open nominations for the other co-leader position.

Co-leaders of the Green Party are elected every year at the party’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in accordance with the Green Party constitution.

As part of the annual election for co-leaders, the Green Party’s constitution allows all delegates at the AGM the option of voting to re-open nominations. Nominations for the co-leader at this year’s AGM closed on 11 June. Marama Davidson and James Shaw were the only nominations received.

Both candidates met the applicable demographic criteria (that one co-leader is a woman, with the other position open to a person of any gender, and that one co-leader is Māori).

As such there was a single election at the AGM with two options for each candidate position: 1) vote for the candidate; or 2) re-open nominations.

The Green Party’s constitution allows for nominations to be re-opened if at least of the 25 percent of the valid votes cast chose that option.

The 25 percent threshold was surpassed at this year’s AGM for the co-leader position that can be filled by a person of any gender.

As a result, nominations for this position will be reopened to the membership.