Environment and climate will be decimated by National’s dangerous agriculture policy

The Green Party is slamming National’s agriculture policy as a huge step backwards which puts future generations at risk.

Green Party Co-leader and Climate Change spokesperson James Shaw said today:

“National is once again showing contempt for future generations in its proposal to dismantle huge progress on the environment and climate action.

“The policy presented today, dismantling key parts of the Zero Carbon Act and new freshwater regulations, shows they are anti-science and anti-climate. It is an appalling policy, and sadly unsurprising.

“We’ve made huge progress this term introducing legislation to protect the environment, after National allowed it to be degraded.

“Farmers are on the frontlines of climate change and must be supported to drive the solutions. Many of our farmers and growers are already leading the way.

“The Green Party is proposing a $297m fund to help farmers transition to sustainable methods, whereas National wants to sabotage their efforts by pulling back the crucial reforms put in this term.

“National wants future generations to inherit a decimated environment and an unstable climate, for the sake of winning a few votes. Climate action and environmental protection go above politics, but that’s clearly not something National is willing to accept.

“This policy proves once and for all that National is dangerous and doesn’t care about our planet or our grandchildren.”

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