Even TPPA supporters want more transparency

The National Government must listen to the overwhelming chorus of voices calling for them to come clean on exactly what’s in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), including from people who support the deal, the Green Party said.

A case is being heard in the High Court today about whether the Government must release secret analysis of the its TPPA negotiating position.

“New Zealanders have said time and time again that they want the National Government to tell them exactly what’s in the TPPA and what the costs and benefits are,” Green Party Co-leader James Shaw said.

“Even TPPA supporters like Stephen Jacobi from the International Business Forum agree that the Government should be more transparent about what’s in this secret deal, according to TVNZ’s Q+A programme.

“The truth is that by the time the final TPPA text is made public after the international talks have finished, it will be too late to change anything in the actual agreement. That’s not democratic.

“With Trade Minister Tim Groser admitting that what’s on the negotiating table for New Zealand’s dairy exports is ‘completely inadequate’, the Government needs to own up and explain exactly what it’s planning to sign New Zealand up to.

“Recent comments from Tim Groser suggest that he possibly won’t bother going to the next round of negotiations, but he’s so personally invested in the TPPA that he’ll sign New Zealand up no matter what it costs us as a country.

“The Green Party has been calling for the National Government to walk away from the TPPA because it restricts the right of democratic governments to regulate to protect human health and the environment,” said Mr Shaw.