Finally progress on protecting Waikoropupū Springs – now what about the rest of our waterways Minister?

The Government has finally proposed a water protection order for Waikoropupū Springs, largely thanks to the advocacy of Ngāti Tama ki Waipounamu and locals.

A Water conservation order is the highest protection possible for a water body, and is the equivalent of National Park status for a water body.

“If implemented this is excellent news for Waikoropupū Springs”, said Green Party water spokesperson Catherine Delahunty.”

“The Water Conservation Order should see changes in land use around the springs, to ensure there is no ongoing contamination from nitrogen and other run off.”

While congratulating Ngāti Tama ki Waipounamu and locals for their advocacy for the springs and the environment, the Green Party has also called for decisions about water conservation orders to be sped up.

“The application for this order was made four years ago, and as in most cases, the Government kept coming back for more information. It seems that Nick Smith and National always have to be dragged reluctantly into protecting our waterways and environment.”

“Wouldn’t it be far better for government to be proactive and if we could actively protect our rivers, lakes, springs and aquifers from land use pollution and over allocation of water use?"