Four nominees confirmed for Green Party male Co-leader

Four nominees have put their hats in the ring to replace Russel Norman as Green Party male Co-leader, the party announced today. 

Four nominees have put their hats in the ring to replace Russel Norman as Green Party male Co-leader, the party announced today. 

The nominees are:

  • Kevin Hague
  • Gareth Hughes
  • James Shaw
  • Vernon Tava

Metiria Turei is the sole nomination to be re-elected as female Co-leader.

“It’s a very good thing that party members have such a high calibre and experienced field of candidates to choose their new leader from,” said Green Party co-convenor Georgina Morrison.

“The nominees will now start a nine stop provincial tour of New Zealand to make their case to members and listen to the concerns of New Zealanders.

“The new Co-leader will start from a solid electoral base and will have the benefit of a full parliamentary term to establish himself in the role and take the Greens into government in 2017.

“Voting will occur at the AGM on Saturday 30 May 2015. The results will be announced at 2pm that day,” said Georgina Morrison.



Note on the Green Party voting system:

The elections are held by a delegate vote at the AGM. Electorates hold meeting to determine their delegates prior to the AGM and issue their delegates with instructions as to how the electorate wants them to vote.

Every electorate is allocated a number of delegates to the AGM based on the number of members in that electorate at a set date. The smallest electorates receive one delegate vote, the largest four. The majority of electorates receive two delegate votes.

The electoral system used at the AGM is Preference Voting. Delegates rank the candidates from most preferred to least preferred in a secret ballot. 

If the top ranking candidate receives 50% or more of the vote then they are declared the winner outright.  If there is no outright winner then the lowest ranking candidate is eliminated and their second choice votes are added to the tally for the remaining candidates.  The process continues until there is an outright winner.