Government must refocus on bold solutions

It’s good to see the Government refocus on helping with the day to day pressures facing New Zealanders, but we need bolder solutions.

“Right now, Aotearoa is out of balance. Too many families are struggling to make ends meet, while those at the top are getting richer, and our planet is under pressure. We need action that works for everyone,” says Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson

“We’re pleased to see the Prime Minister announce the minimum wage will be increased, but urge the Government to go further and raise this to the Living Wage.

“We also need to make sure that the refocus includes picking up policies that help people - not just scrapping things. This must include rent controls; liveable incomes; scaling up the Kāinga Ora build programme to deliver more affordable, warm homes; support for families to switch to low-cost renewable energy, and permanent half-price public transport.

Green Party Co-leader James Shaw added:

“There is a successful history of Labour and Greens working together constructively to deliver change for New Zealanders.

“We know that progress is possible. But we need to maintain momentum on the big challenges facing our communities. Aotearoa needs a Government that will take bold action to make a tangible difference to people’s lives.

“To do this, we need more Green MPs around the decision making table, so we can help create a fairer, climate friendly Aotearoa where everyone can afford a warm home and food on the table,” says James Shaw.