Govt can help victims of domestic violence stay in work

The Government should adopt Green Party MP Jan Logie’s Domestic Violence-Victims' Protection Bill after new figures showing that registrations for the Work & Income NZ family violence programme have increased nearly 50 percent from 2011.

“Staying in employment is critical to reducing the effects of violence, and my Domestic Violence-Victims' Protection Bill would help that to happen,” Green Party social development spokesperson Jan Logie said.

“I am pleased more victims are getting support through WINZ but more could be done to help victims stay in work.

“Secure employment enables victims to maintain domestic and economic stability, and helps them to find a pathway out of violence and to successfully rebuild their lives.

“The abuser may make it hard for a victim to get to work or target the victim at work. Victims are particularly vulnerable in the workplace. This is due to the predictability of their location or working hours or both.

“Supporting my Bill is something meaningful and tangible that can be done to protect women from the effects of domestic violence in the workplace.

“The Select Committee recommended MBIE to provide guidance for employers on how to address domestic violence in the workplace, but so far this hasn’t happened.

“Now that domestic violence is recognised as a workplace hazard, we have an opportunity to put in practical support for businesses.

“My Bill has productivity gains for business, will increase the protection for victims, and create budget benefits for the Government.

“Women’s Refuge, the Public Service Association, and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce all support my Bill.

“My Bill provides practical solutions to address domestic violence across our society, and I would be very happy for the Government to pick it up,” Ms Logie said.