Govt loaded decks in SkyCity’s favour leaving NZers to foot the bill

Revelations today that SkyCity is planning to sell a hotel that it is only able to build as part of the convention centre deal is the latest evidence that the public of New Zealand have been taken for a ride, the Green Party said.

The Auckland City Council has this morning announced that consent has been granted to SkyCity for the building of a convention centre. SkyCity have said today that they are looking at options for future running and ownership of the hotel which will be built on the former TVNZ site they were sold after they said they needed it for the convention centre.

“The National Government have loaded the decks entirely in SkyCity’s favour, leaving the New Zealand people with empty pockets,” said Green Party Gambling Spokesperson Denise Roche.

“The SkyCity Convention Centre deal has been bad from the get go, and today’s granting of consent for building is a sad day for New Zealanders.

“The admission that SkyCity will be looking at selling the hotel they are building on land that they got for a steal is yet another example of how they will be able to use the convention centre project to make money for themselves at the expense of the people of New Zealand.

“Steven Joyce and John Key have been out wheeled and dealed by SkyCity who are set to make huge profits from this deal, leaving New Zealanders to foot the bill.

“SkyCity have managed to extract from the public of New Zealand a prime piece of Auckland real estate for an international convention centre that they aren’t even going to build there.

“Officials advised that it would be worth a lot more than what they paid for it when SkyCity decided to put a hotel on the land instead of the convention centre.

“Now we learn from SkyCity today that they are exploring their options around the ownership of the hotel.

“It’s bad enough that SkyCity got all the concessions they wanted at the expense of problem gamblers and their families, and then got a deal on a prime bit of Auckland real estate but now we’re finding out that they are looking to sell the hotel they will build on it.”