Green Labour agreement makes change of Govt possible

Green Party Co-leader James Shaw has told the Green Party AGM that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Labour Party signed this week increases the chances of changing the Government at the next election.

The Green Party is holding its AGM in Christchurch this weekend and includes a keynote speech from Labour leader Andrew Little on Saturday, and the launch of a new environment campaign on Sunday.

“As of today we are in campaign mode. We have 18 months to change the government and we will make use of every single day of those 18 months,” said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw.

“It is now game on. Our MOU with Labour offers New Zealanders a crystal clear alternative to the increasingly drama prone Government.

“There’s only about five points between our block and National and I’m confident we can continue to build support for our cleaner, fairer, smarter vision for New Zealand.

“New Zealanders will see a smarter and more joined up campaign to take on National at the next election.

“Our MOU represents MMP in action. We are being honest and transparent with voters, and offering a clear commitment to build a stable and progressive Government New Zealanders can rely on.

“National’s looking shaky at the wheel. They have no answers to the housing and homeless crisis, or the poisoning of our rivers, inventing lies and excuses rather than building solutions.

“The Greens and Labour share a belief in the ability of government to transform our country for the better. We won’t stand on the side-lines of the housing crisis, or do nothing about the pollution of our rivers and environment.

“I have travelled the country a lot in my first year as Co-leader and have been struck by the growing sense of discomfort about what kind of country we’re becoming.

“Families living in cars and garages and poisoned rivers don’t fit with the kind of country an increasing number of New Zealanders want us to become. It’s time for New Zealand to be the cleaner and fairer place that all Kiwis want.

“New Zealand can have clean rivers, warm houses and meaningful jobs. The Green Party will do what’s right to make the good changes New Zealand needs.

“It has been a year of change and renewal for the Green Party, and the real momentum to change the Government has only begun. Game on.”