Green Party calls for release of cost benefit analysis of TPPA

The Green Party is calling on the National Government to release their cost benefit analysis of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

The TPPA deal has been shrouded in secrecy. Information about the agreement has been made public only through leaks, despite repeated calls by New Zealanders to make the details public.

“If the Government is so confident this deal is beneficial to New Zealand they should release the full cost benefit analysis,” said Green Party trade spokesperson James Shaw.

“After all, if it such a good deal for New Zealand, the Government should have nothing to hide.

“New Zealanders are being sold a dud. We aren’t being told what benefits this deal will bring us, but we do know there are a lot of negatives.

“We know through leaks that the TPPA is a Bill of Rights for multi- national corporations.

“The deal puts the interest of these major corporations ahead of New Zealanders’ health, environmental and democratic rights.

“National’s TPPA deal will make us second class citizens in our own country by ceding sovereignty over policy decisions to big businesses.

“This is why the public deserve to know what we are signing up for before negotiations are concluded, not after.

“The Green Party have led the opposition to the TPPA in Parliament.

“And once we are in Government, we will do all we can to wind back the damage caused by the TPPA,” said Mr Shaw.


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