Green Party confident that a better Rugby World Cup Bill is on the cards

The Green Party is supporting David Seymour’s Rugby World Cup Bill to Select Committee stage following assurances from the ACT MP and the Government that concerns around public safety will be addressed.

“The Bill, as it was yesterday, was undoubtedly problematic – we were concerned that it would allow any bar, anywhere to serve up booze at any hour, and be detrimental to public safety,” said Green Party health spokesperson Kevin Hague.

“However, after having discussions with National over the last 24 hours and receiving a commitment from David Seymour, we are confident that they too are interested in making changes for the public good.

“David Seymour and the Government have agreed that by taking the issues we raised into account, a better Bill will be put on the table following the Select Committee process.

“Ideally we would have had these discussions before the Bill was introduced yesterday, however now that we have, we have enough confidence to support it through to Select Committee.

“We believe that a better Bill – that balances public safety with the desire of a lot of us to watch the World Cup with our family and friends – can be achieved,” said Mr Hague.