Green Party demands higher ethical standards for oil industry

The Green Party is calling on the oil industry to hold itself to a higher code of conduct after it was alleged that some companies have paid private investigators to spy on Greenpeace activists and their families.

“It is outrageous and unacceptable for private investigators to invade the personal lives of Greenpeace staff and volunteers. We are calling on the oil industry to strengthen their existing code of conduct and hold itself to higher standards,” said Green Party Energy and Resources spokesperson Gareth Hughes.

“I have written today to Petroleum Exploration & Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ), asking them if the allegations that their members are paying private investigators to spy on environmental campaigners are true, and if so, whether this behaviour is consistent with their current code of conduct, which calls for ethical business behaviour.

“The industry needs to condemn the actions of investigators, who allegedly have been following people to their houses, taking photos of them with their families, and recording who they are in a relationship with.

“This is a longstanding practice of the fossil fuel industry and needs to stop. As a member of Save Happy Valley 10 years ago, I saw first-hand how invasive and upsetting it is to have environmental groups spied upon by powerful companies.

“Allegations like these further undermine the oil industry's social licence to operate in New Zealand,” said Mr Hughes.

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