Green Party Members’ Bills pulled from ballot

The Green Party is thrilled to have two important bills drawn from the ballot today, both of which will help to create a fairer Aotearoa.

Jan Logie’s Domestic Violence-Victims' Protection Bill introduces workplace protections for victims of domestic violence, including allowing victims to request paid domestic violence leave for up to 10 days.

“I’m very pleased that my Bill has been drawn because helping victims of abuse stay in work is critical to reducing the effects of violence. When women leave a violent situation it can be very hard for them to juggle court, counselling, housing, and the needs of their children,” said Ms Logie.

“Progressive employers are already leading the way on this issue. It’s time to even the playing field across New Zealand for victims and businesses.

“A secure job means victims are much more able to maintain economic independence, and it helps them to find a pathway out of violence to successfully rebuild their lives.

“The bill will clarify that Domestic Violence is a health and safety hazard, and will strengthen flexible working arrangements to ensure they are fit for purpose.

“It’s also particularly timely because there is a growing movement for businesses and workplaces to adopt family violence policies, such as the Human Rights’ Commission’s new campaign,” said Ms Logie.

Gareth Hughes’ First Home Student Loan Repayment Diversion Bill allows Kiwis with student loans to defer their student loan repayments into a first home savings scheme.

“Many young people are struggling to get a house deposit together and my bill will make it easier and faster for them to get a foot in the door of their own home,” said Mr Hughes.

“Combined with KiwiSaver, this would make a huge difference for young people who are struggling with low wage growth and rapidly rising house prices across the country. For example, a bachelor’s graduate on a median wage could save $18,000 after five years with this diversion.

“Helping young people to buy a house will also encourage them to remain in New Zealand to contribute to our economy and our communities,” said Mr Hughes