Green Party MP Barry Coates celebrates Sustainability Champion award

Green Party MP Barry Coates won the Sustainability Champion award at last night’s Sustainable Business Network Awards in Auckland.

The awards recognise those who are working to create a more sustainable New Zealand.

“I’m really grateful to receive this award. Creating a more sustainable world was a huge part of my life before I became an MP, and I am pleased to be continuing with that work in my new role too,” said Mr Coates.

“It was great to see the fantastic work from the 600 sustainability champions in the room last night. At a time when the government isn’t leading, or even following, they are out there, getting on with meeting the sustainability challenge and creating new opportunities.

“I’ve worked hard championing fair trade, organics and sustainable agriculture, as well as talking about the impact of climate change on vulnerable people and how we can stop climate pollution.

“To be recognised in this field means a lot to me. There are lots of ways each and every one of us can contribute to making our world more sustainable, from individual citizens, all the way through to the offices of the Beehive,” said Mr Coates.



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