Green Party opposes David Seymour’s cheap publicity stunt

The Green Party will today be opposing David Seymour’s Bill which will see bars open for longer during the Rugby World Cup.

“David Seymour is hijacking Parliament’s time today for a cheap gimmick,” said Green Party health spokesperson Kevin Hague.

“This is his ham-fisted attempt to be a ‘man of the people’ but it actually has the potential to cause some real harm to communities up and down the country.

“Under David Seymour’s Bill, boozed-up people will be spilling out of bars just as parents are dropping their children at school or are on their way to kids’ weekend rugby and netball games.

“We already have regulations in place for bars to apply for special licences for occasions such as this, and many bars have already decided to do this specifically for this year’s Rugby World Cup.

“If bar owners want to screen the rugby outside of their licence hours, then they can apply the normal way through their local council for a special licence.

“This is purely a publicity stunt by David Seymour – nothing more, nothing less.

“If the Government really thinks its own liquor licence law is wrong and decides to introduce a Bill to Parliament to amend it, then we will give due consideration to it,” said Mr Hague.