Green Party welcomes Government decision to adopt Red Peak Bill

The Green Party welcomes the Government’s decision to adopt Green MP Gareth Hughes’ Bill to include the Red Peak design as an option in the upcoming flag referendum.


“My Bill was about giving New Zealanders a choice following the groundswell of support for the Red Peak design to be included as an option in the upcoming flag referendum, and I am pleased it is looking likely to be passed,” Green Party MP Gareth Hughes said.


“I’m proud that the Green Party was able to provide a route through the political deadlock over the inclusion of Red Peak as an option in the referendum.


“The public were looking to politicians to work together and this continues the Green Party’s constructive approach to politics and our track record of working with all parties on issues where we agree.


“Though it’s welcome that the Government has adopted my Bill, the fact is it could have introduced its own Bill to add Red Peak to the ballot paper weeks ago.


“The Green Party has expressed a number of concerns with the way the referendum has been handled so far, but ultimately Parliament had reached the stage where party politics was getting in the way of what people really wanted, which was more choice.


“My Bill recognised that the referendum was going to go ahead anyway so it may as well include an option that a large number of Kiwis want,” Mr Hughes said.