Green Party works for a world without nuclear weapons

The Green Party did not support the Government’s motion to mark the 30th anniversary of nuclear free legislation today because it simply reinforces the status quo in which most nuclear states will go on with business as usual.

Today’s motion makes no mention of the ongoing negotiations for a Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which would introduce a total ban on nuclear weapons. A draft text of this Convention exists already and it is expected to be adopted later this year.

“The Government’s motion today undermines New Zealand’s longstanding support of a world without nuclear weapons. The Green Party believes that New Zealand needs to show leadership on this important issue, rather than deferring to the policy of the United States and other nuclear powers,” said Green Party Global Affairs spokesperson Dr Kennedy Graham.

“To truly make the world safe from nuclear weapon attacks, we need to work together to make them a relic for all states, not just North Korea.

“The Government should be promoting the efforts of New Zealand negotiators who are working hard at the United Nations for a total ban on nuclear weapons under international law.

“The New Zealand ambassador for disarmament is a vice chair of the negotiations. Why would the Minister refuse to acknowledge that with pride?” said Dr Graham.