The Green Animal Network is an interest group and a central platform for all animal lovers in the party. The main tenet of the network is animal lives and sentience as protectable values in a non-violent society. The network aims to support the work of the Animal Welfare portfolio-holding MP and provide a forum for discussion and exchange of views on all animal topics. Some of these topics that are likely to be covered by the network include:

  • Animal welfare, animal rights, speciesism, and sentience;
  • Regulation of farmed animal practices in Aotearoa;
  • The impact of animal agriculture on climate change;
  • International trade and the food industry as key factors in the regulatory framework of animals;
  • Use of animals for human entertainment (e.g. rodeo and racing);
  • Testing on animals for commercial purposes;
  • Companion animals and the regulatory void filled by charities (SPCA); and
  • Conservation of wildlife as part of Aotearoa’s environment and ecosystem.

Contact: [email protected]