The Green Geeks aim to promote approaches to technology which align with the Party’s Kaupapa. We advocate for reducing the digital divide, for encryption, for free and open source software, for data sovereignty, for right to repair, and against mass surveillance.

Digital technologies are the core focus of the Green Geeks, if not a hard boundary. The SciGreen’s network has the lead on physical and life sciences. If you’re interested in technologies like Carbon Capture and Storage, the “Hydrogen Economy”, or Geoengineering, then SciGreens are the network you want, not Green Geeks.

Green Geeks is a policy, outreach, and activist group. We’re likely to have a lot of cross over in membership, but we’re seperate groups for seperate aims.

The Green Geeks will also aim to demystify new technologies, which are usually over-hyped.

We are currently a policy development network. We’re here to support each other, to be a safe place to unburden ourselves of our stories and to collaborate on new solutions. But for the time being we are all talk. We’re not going to be working on people’s hardware or software unless we grow much bigger than we are now.

Contact: [email protected]