Green Party a strong opposition to divisive government

The Green Party will keep up the fight for an Aotearoa that works for everyone.

“We defied history in this election with a record 330,883 people voting for the Green Party. We will make sure the voices of all you are heard loud and clear in the halls of Parliament and beyond,” says Green Party co leader Marama Davidson.

“We are going to do everything in our power to make this a one term government.

“It won’t be easy. National, Act, and New Zealand First have shown their willingness to do and say anything to get into power.

“The plan to allow state schools to transition to partnership schools and make it easier for people to access guns, is completely out of touch with what New Zealand needs.

“While the new government agreement will be worrying to many thousands of people, we are ready, we are strong, and we will be loud.

“It is an immense honour to stand alongside James Shaw leading a caucus with such a strong group of Māori and Pasifika voices, all of whom bring with them a vast range of experiences, knowledge and skills.

“Te Tiriti must be honoured and any steps to redefine our founding document will be divisive.

“With more Māori and Pasifika Green MPs, will stand alongside our communities and push for action to manaaki whenua and manaaki tangata so that whānau can put kai on the table, have access to warm and affordable homes, use mātauranga Māori to tackle the climate crisis and ensure Māori and Pasifika can live with dignity,” says Marama Davidson.

Green Party co leader James Shaw added:

“Now more than ever, we need to be taking bold action to build a cleaner, fairer climate friendly future where everyone can afford a warm home and food on the table.

“Our 15 MPs will be a strong voice for bold climate action, protecting nature, and ensuring everyone has a safe, warm and affordable place to call home.

“I am delighted to be heading into the next term of Parliament with the biggest caucus we have ever had,” says James Shaw.