Green Party responds to NZ First Foundation SFO charges

Green Party spokesperson on Electoral Issues Golriz Ghahraman said:

“We’re glad to see the SFO has laid charges before the election, so voters have more clarity on what is going on before they cast a vote.

“Given that three major parties have had recent investigations into political donations, we have learnt that our system is not transparent enough and as a result, New Zealanders are turning away from politics.

“No one should be wondering who is making big donations to political parties – and we need system change to fix that. We’ve seen how this hurts democracy overseas when trust erodes.

“The Green Party has long called for broader donations reform, so it is clearer, more transparent, and fairer.

“Right now large donations can be given secretly. Donations limits are essential and would reduce any perceptions of corruption.”

Golriz Ghahraman’s Strengthening Democracy Members bill proposes strengthening transparency and safeguards on donations to parties and candidates, including:

  • A full ban on overseas donations
  • Disclosure requirements for all donations over $1,000 to a candidate or a party (currently the disclosure level is for donations over $15,000)
  • A prohibition on one person donating over $35,000 a year to a party or a candidate


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