Greens: Children must come first in Government’s CYF review

The well-being of children must be the paramount consideration underlining the Government’s review of Child Youth and Family (CYF), the Green Party said today.

“CYF has a long history of performance and organisational issues, and has been long in need of an overhaul. The Greens are giving our qualified support to the review announced by Social Development Minister Anne Tolley today,” said Jan Logie, the Green Party’s Social Development Spokesperson.

“Many of the problems CYF faces relate to resourcing and capacity, and the review must address these issues as well as community capacity to engage with CYF.

“The review is also an opportunity to look at the links between poverty and child wellbeing,” said Ms Logie.

“I am pleased that the Panel will be looking into how CYF can form stronger partnerships with non-governmental organisations, and I hope this means the government will be carefully considering resourcing and capacity issues within the community sector as well,” said Ms Logie.

“Child welfare needs to be at the heart of this review and it must not be used as an excuse for cost-cutting or contracting out.

“Protecting vulnerable children should not be a profit-making exercise, and the review needs to reject any proposals for privatising or contracting out CYF services to the corporate sector.

“Unfortunately, the Minister has chosen, in Paula Rebstock, a Review Panel Chair who has a reputation as a cost-cutter and privatiser. It would be disastrous for our children if she steered the review in that direction,” said Ms Logie.


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