Greens welcome family reunification review

The Green Party welcomes substantive work soon to begin on the family reunification review in time for a potential budget bid for family reunification in 2020, says Green Party Immigration spokesperson Golriz Ghahraman.

“As part of our Confidence and Supply Agreement, we secured a review of the family reunification scheme for refugees.

“I am happy to see that on World Refugee Day, that the Government is committed to completing this review in time for a potential budget bid in 2020, as part of our Confidence and Supply Agreement.

“Refugee family reunification policy in Aotearoa has no support services or funding.

“The definition of who qualifies as family is also incredibly limited and leaves family members like grandparents, informally adopted orphaned family members, aunts and uncles abandoned in situations of danger or instability.

“There needs to be clear standards and process so that people fleeing war and persecution have some clarity.

“How can we expect people to heal and properly begin their new life in New Zealand when their family are still in danger?

“It shows compassion and kindness to ensure when refugees flee persecution and are offered a home in New Zealand, that there is a structured pathway for their loved ones to join them.

“There are so many individual stories I have heard about the grief and trauma experienced when someone has arrived here but knows their little brother, sister, mum or dad are facing torture and pain.

“Families together offers a much higher chance for healing and successfully beginning their new life.

“I am so proud to be working with this Government to ensure more compassion for refugees, with an increase of the refugee quota and this review to improve family reunification processes”, Ghahraman said.

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