Greens welcome Govt agreement to ban cosmetics testing on animals

After more than a year of campaigning by Green MP Mojo Mathers, the Government has finally agreed to ban cosmetics testing on animals, the Green Party said today.

“I’m over the moon that the Government has acknowledged my work on this issue by finally agreeing to ban cosmetics testing on animals,” said Green Party animal welfare spokesperson Mojo Mathers.

“I have been working solidly behind the scenes to get this ban through Parliament for some time now.

“During the course of this campaign, thousands of Kiwis signed petitions and emailed and lobbied MPs to support my call to ban cosmetics testing on animals.

“We also received strong support from overseas encouraging New Zealand to join the global movement to ban it.

“It’s fantastic that we will now be able to hold our head up high as a country and say that we too have banned this cruel and outdated practice.

“I want to thank everyone who supported this campaign and the work put in by the #BeCrueltyFree partners – NZAVS, HUHA, HSI and SAFE.

“They have all been championing this ban for some time and will continue to be strong voices for animals in our community.

“It’s heart-warming to know that so many people really care about animals and the way we treat them.

“I’d like also like to acknowledge Nathan Guy and his team for being open and responsive during this process, and for finally agreeing that banning cosmetics testing on animals was the only humane option on the table.

“This is a great day for animals and animal-lovers in New Zealand,” said Ms Mathers.