Greens launch petition for free public transport

The Green Party is 100% on board with half-price public transport, but calls on the Government to go further and make public transport free - for good.

“In a climate crisis, and an inequality crisis, our response today must take into account where we want to be tomorrow, and enabling people to access public transport and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels is key to achieving this,” says Ricardo Menéndez March, Green spokesperson for transport.

“The Prime Minister's cost of living announcement this week showed us just how easy it is to make public transport more affordable.

“That’s why today, we’re calling for the Government to go further, by making public transport free for everyone.

“At a time when communities have come together to keep people safe, we have also seen a huge transfer of wealth as a result of the economic response to COVID. We absolutely need the Government to step in and support our community through these challenges.

“But it’s also crucial that this is done while looking ahead and setting us on track to address other oncoming issues such as the climate crisis.

“Free public transport would likely cost less per year than what it takes to cut petrol taxes for three months.

“Along with public ownership, better wages for drivers, more services and increased frequency, and free fares would help create a world-class public transport system that works for everyone.

“Lots of cities around the world are moving towards free public transport, and just last year Luxembourg became the first country to make public transport free for the whole country.

“We can do this too. Now is the time to be bold on our climate goals and move towards a more equitable future where no one is left behind and our planet can heal.”

Sign the petition:  


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