Greens support iwi-led checkpoints

The Green Party supports iwi-led checkpoints, which play a crucial role in protecting communities most susceptible to the pandemic.

Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson said today:

“The Māori response to the COVID-19 pandemic should be applauded. From iwi-led checkpoints, to how marae kicked into gear to look after people, iwi have shown real leadership throughout Aotearoa to keep us all safe.

“We know that Māori living in rural communities are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, as a result of generations of underinvestment in health services appropriate to serve Māori communities, and a raft of social factors that have disadvantaged Māori whānau and have led to poor health outcomes.

“The Green Party supports Māori working with police to take the lead in protecting their communities through iwi-led checkpoints.

“We know that Māori communities have particular health concerns, and we commend iwi and Māori health organisations for acting fast to protect the vulnerable.

“We commend the police for working proactively with iwi and hapū to ensure these checkpoints are well-run, legal, and recognised for their important role.

“This shows good faith on the part of the police, and we really encourage this co-operation. We know that the volunteers at the checkpoints out of Auckland have been a crucial part of a public health response.

“Iwi are going above and beyond to ensure Māori are following the rules to keep us all safe, and we encourage the police to make sure they’re holding everyone to that same high bar of compliance.

"The Green Party has an obligation to uphold Te Tiriti as part of our founding charter. In this case, that means supporting hapū initiatives to protect their people and regions.”