Think Ahead, Act Now: Greens unveil vision for Aotearoa

The Green Party has launched its policy platform.

Think Ahead, Act Now: Our Green Vision for Aotearoa was unveiled by Co-leaders Marama Davidson and James Shaw at the party’s Annual General Meeting this morning. 

Marama Davidson said today: 

“In the upcoming weeks we will launch key, visionary, costed policies that are focussed on climate action, healthy nature and equality. 

“Those announcements will be the driving force of what we want to achieve in the next term of Government. 

“Sitting underneath those key priorities is this wider policy platform that speaks more broadly to who we are and what we stand for.

“It’s a bold plan for Aotearoa, where everyone has what they need to thrive, our precious natural environment is protected, and communities are supported to be truly sustainable.

“Successive governments have created a system which favours a few at the expense of the rest, while allowing nature to be degraded.

“COVID-19 has shone a light on the glaring holes in our system, but has also provided a rare opportunity to renew our communities and our relationship with nature. 

“The Green Party knows we’re at a crossroads, and we must make smart decisions now to create a New Zealand we’re proud to pass on. The policy platform we’re releasing today shows just how committed we are to transforming Aotearoa for the better.”

James Shaw said today: 

“This term in Government, we’ve made huge progress for our people and the planet. We’ve achieved more action on climate change in three years than in the last three decades combined.

“We want to build on this momentum and go further and faster.

“The Green Party is the only party willing to do what’s required to tackle the climate crisis while ensuring everyone has what they need. 

“I’m really proud of the vision we’re releasing today, and I look forward to announcing more details about our priority policies over the coming weeks. 

“We’re asking New Zealanders to think ahead, and act now, so we can all have the future we deserve.”