​Hekia Parata has broken her word

Hekia Parata has broken her word not to open another round of charter school applications this year, the Green Party said today.

Under questioning from the Green Party in February, Hekia Parata was asked if she was planning another round of charter school applications this year, her reply was a categoric “No”.

The Government announced this morning that there is to be a third charter school application round opening today.

“It defies belief that the Government would plough ahead with another round of charter schools when the programme so far has been so plagued by problems,” Green Party education spokesperson Catherine Delahunty said.

“Students at the charter school in Whangaruru Northland, have been robbed of their chance at a good education because the Government was so desperate to rush through its first round of charters that it agreed to open their school despite major warnings the school wasn’t ready.

“Other students at the West Auckland Middle School who’ve reportedly been rewarded with KFC and still don’t have a permanent school site, have been similarly abused by the charter school experiment.

“The fact that the establishment payments for the next round of schools have been slashed is an admission that the Government has wasted too much public money on these experiments. The cost to the children involved, and the neighbouring public schools that have been undermined in the process is less quantifiable.

“Everyone knows what we need to make things better for kids; well trained teachers and a strong state school system. This undermines both these things.

“It is disturbing to see that the Government is prepared to sell out more kids in order to secure the vote of the sole Act MP,” Ms Delahunty said.

Link to the oral question in which Hekia Parata said she was not planning any more partnership school rounds this year: