A strong manufacturing and technology sector will create jobs in low-emissions industries and ensure we can sell Aotearoa’s skills to the world. The digital revolution is an opportunity to create a more sustainable economy, address social inequalities, and connect communities.

Aotearoa’s economy relies too much on exporting large volumes of low-value raw commodities. If the Government makes smart choices, Aotearoa can develop a green economy with world class, modern manufacturing and technology sectors at its heart. Reviving our local manufacturing sector will see more Kiwi-made products used in Aotearoa and exported to the world.

Working and studying from home during the COVID-19 response has highlighted unequal access to technology across Aotearoa. Digital divides must be addressed to bridge the gaps in economic and social outcomes. We must increase people’s access to the internet, and make digital spaces more accessible for all of our communities.

The Green Party will:

  • Use government procurement to support local suppliers and open-source software, including hosting government data onshore, to deliver broader value to Aotearoa.

  • Encourage low-emissions industries with export potential, like software, gaming, and precision agriculture.

  • Set up a Digital Export Office at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to support low-carbon ‘weightless exports’.

  • Boost science funding and simplify the grant process so innovators can do what they do best.

  • Support the local wood processing sector to add value to Kiwi timber, including by developing biofuels.

  • Support 3D printing-based manufacturing through a National Growth Strategy.

  • Give manufacturers, technology firms, and software developers a voice in trade negotiations.

  • Commit to open data so people can innovate, while protecting individual privacy and data sovereignty, including Māori data sovereignty.

  • Implement Internet NZ’s five-point plan for digital inclusion, including making internet connectivity and devices affordable for those on low incomes and ensuring accessible digital skills training for working people and small businesses.

  • Ensure all government websites are accessible to people with disabilities, and are available in te reo Māori and other languages.


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