Housing crisis hitting students hard

National’s failure to address the rising cost of living and lack of student support is hitting students hard in their back pocket, the Green Party said today.

New data released by the New Zealand Union of Students' Associations shows that students are struggling to afford to pay for rent and basic necessities, particularly in Auckland.

“National should be making it easier, not harder, to make ends meet while studying in New Zealand,” said Green Party tertiary spokesperson Gareth Hughes.

“Access to a quality, affordable education should not be reserved for people with wealthy parents.

“Students shouldn’t be spending more than 100% of their student support income on rent.

“The Government needs to urgently reform the inadequate student support system.

“New Zealand wants a world-class education system, but if students can’t afford heating, housing or sufficient food, how are they supposed to focus on learning?

“The Greens in government will transform the allowance system so students have decent living standards, and will reinstate allowances for postgraduate students,” said Mr Hughes.