IEA report shows need for NZ climate plan

An International Energy Agency report out today shows the need for New Zealand to develop a clear and practical plan to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions, the Green Party said.

“The IEA report has some useful pointers that the Government must act on to reduce fossil fuel burning for energy use and end fossil fuel subsidies immediately,” Green Party energy spokesperson Gareth Hughes said.

“New Zealand needs a plan to reduce emissions at home, as well as to keep contributing to international research.

“The IEA report shows very clearly that the sooner we act to reduce emissions, the cheaper and easier it will be. Waiting any longer will simply increase the cost of the transition to a low-carbon economy.

“The Government needs a plan to move closer to 100 percent renewable energy generation, because we’ve recently dropped back below 80 percent renewable generation according to the latest figures from the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment.

“The IEA report calls for an end to fossil fuel subsidies and while the Government is working internationally to build support for this, it needs to show it’s serious by immediately ending subsidies to the coal and oil industries back home in New Zealand.”

“Many New Zealanders are already making choices to reduce their own carbon emissions by changing the way they get to work, insulating their homes, and buying local products. The Government needs to support these choices by investing in the kinds of infrastructure that help us move to a cleaner economy,” said Mr Hughes.

Link: International Energy Agency World Energy Outlook Special Report: Energy and Climate Change.