The Green Party welcomes people who want to make Aotearoa their home. The global refugee crisis continues to see millions of people displaced, and as a responsible member of the international community we should help more refugees find a home here.

We look forward to welcoming people into our communities who bring their experiences and perspectives, as well as much-needed skills. For too many new migrants, decent housing and good jobs aren’t available, so we need to build more houses and strengthen workplace protections.

With the Green Party’s support, the Government raised the refugee quota to 1,500 and increased support to reunify families.

The Green Party will make sure immigrants feel welcome, settled and supported with specific support programmes, remove discriminatory profiling in the immigration system, and raise our refugee quota.

The Green Party will:

  • Progressively increase the refugee quota to 5,000.

  • Improve resourcing for community providers to enable successful outcomes for refugee and migrant communities, including those providing English language training, orientation information, te reo and kaupapa Māori education, and civics education.

  • Ensure our immigration legislation makes provisions for people displaced by climate change, based on need.

  • Increase workplace rights for temporary migrant workers to ensure equality with local workers.

  • Review government immigration processes to ensure policies are impartial regarding countries of origin, ethnicities, cultures, age, gender, and sexual orientation, and review the use of algorithms and risk profiling in immigration decisions.

  • Include funding support for asylum seekers during and after their claim process.

  • Provide better resources and review the barriers to refugee family reunification.

  • Ensure iwi and hapū have opportunities to contribute to immigration policy decisions, and welcome new migrants.


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