Judith Collins puts workers’ lives at risk

Judith Collins’ backbench machinations in “her” caucus are putting workers’ lives at risk, the Green Party said.

“National’s backdown on health and safety legislation shows that the Government is putting the interests of business owners in the forestry, agriculture, and fisheries industries ahead of workers’ safety on the job,” Green Party industrial relations spokesperson Denise Roche said.

“Judith Collins’ successful backbench manoeuvring to delay and weaken vital workplace health and safety legislation shows that cracks are appearing in the National Party.

“Judith Collins is trying to loosen the rules around the most dangerous sector for workers. 43 percent of workplace fatalities in the last five years were in the agriculture and forestry sector, according to Worksafe.

“Workers in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries have the highest number of serious workplace injuries in any sector, with an almost one in four chance of being injured on the job, according to ACC. Judith Collins should be thinking about them, not her own leadership aspirations.

“Together with Maurice Williamson’s failed attempt to jump ship to ACT, Judith Collins’ backbench revolt shows that John Key is losing control of his party and his caucus.

“Improving health and safety at work is a no-brainer. If John Key can’t get that past his caucus it shows his grip on the leadership of his party is waning.

“Workers shouldn’t have to pay the price for Judith Collins’ power play,” said Ms Roche.