Key should look to Children’s Commissioner for ideas on child poverty

John Key should not reinvent the wheel when it comes to ideas for tackling child poverty, and instead look to the recommendations of the Children’s Commissioner’s Expert Group on Child Poverty, Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says.

“It is heartening to hear the Prime Minister say that child poverty will be a priority for him this term, though the Green Party would argue that the source of poverty – low income – must be addressed if he is serious about making lasting change,” Mrs Turei said.

“The Green Party is serious about our offer to work with the National Party and all other parties in Parliament on a cross party agreement to end child poverty once and for all.

“Children need all of us to come together and commit to their long term wellbeing.  A similar accord over National Superannuation means there are very low comparable rates of poverty among our elderly. Children deserve nothing less.

“In the meantime, John Key would be wise to turn the Children’s Commissioner’s Expert Group on Child Poverty which has compiled the most authoritative report and key recommendations on solving child poverty ever produced in New Zealand.

“The Commissioner is independent and his experts are  the leaders in their field. It is hard to see how the Prime Minister could come up with any better ideas for tackling child poverty than those compiled by the Experts Group.

“The Green Party would welcome being part of a cross party group that worked through the Commissioners’ recommendations and made long term positive change for Kiwi children now and in the future,” Mrs Turei said.