Kiwis will come together to change the government

The Green Party is ready and excited to work with New Zealanders to change the government on 23 September.

“The Green Party is more energised and more prepared than we’ve ever been. We’re ready to change the government,” said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw.

“At our State of the Nation event with Labour on the weekend, we showed what a credible, compassionate, progressive alternative to National looks like.

“Contrast that with what we’ve seen from Bill English this week – his moral compass has been swimming in circles.

“New Zealanders want a Prime Minister who represents our values to the world, not one who’s happy to sleepwalk through a major global political moment.

“There’s a real feeling for change in our country. People know that when this Government says they can’t do more, what they’re actually saying is they won’t do more – to end child poverty, to make housing affordable, to protect our beautiful lakes and rivers from pollution.

“That ‘no we won’t’ attitude from New Zealand’s government will come to an end on 23 September.

“We can end child poverty, we can have affordable housing, we can have rivers and lakes we can swim in, and we can have an economy that benefits everyone. But we need to change the government to make those things possible.

“The Green Party has a fantastic pool of diverse, competent and experienced candidates who are ready to get to work.

“23 September can’t come soon enough – it’s going to be a landmark day for New Zealand,” said Mr Shaw.