Landmark climate plan secures path to net zero

Emissions Reduction Plan prepares New Zealand for the future, ensuring country is on track to meet first emissions budget, securing jobs, and unlocking new investment

  • Every sector to play its part across transport, waste, food production, manufacturing, building and construction
  • More New Zealanders supported to purchase electric vehicles, increasing zero emissions vehicles to at least 30 percent of light fleet by 2035
  • Reduced waste going to landfills and investment in waste infrastructure so most houses have kerbside food waste collection by 2030
  • Easier, cleaner, cheaper public transport, including infrastructure projects in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and nationally integrated ticketing
  • Zero emissions buses only to enter fleet from 2025 and entire public transport fleet decarbonised by 2035
  • Low emissions trucks to transport food and other products, cutting freight emissions by 35 percent by 2035
  • More of our biggest businesses powered by clean, renewable energy generated here in New Zealand, not overseas
  • An end to our reliance on coal with a ban on new low to medium temperature coal boilers and a phase out of existing ones by 2037
  • Climate friendly food and fibre production with new Centre for Climate Action on Agricultural Emissions accelerating delivery of emissions reduction tools and technologies and an emissions pricing mechanism for agriculture by 1 January 2025
  • Support for native wildlife and forests

The Government’s Emissions Reduction Plan will prepare New Zealand for the future by putting the country on track to meet its first emissions budget, securing our environment and economy, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Climate Change Minister James Shaw announced today.

“This is a landmark day in our transition to a low emissions future,” Jacinda Ardern said.

“We’ve all seen the recent reports on sea level rise and its impact right here in New Zealand. We cannot leave the issue of climate change until it’s too late to fix.

“The Emissions Reduction Plan delivers the greatest opportunity we’ve had in decades to address climate change but also move to a high wage, low emissions economy that provides greater economic security by creating jobs, upgrading the country to run on more clean energy, supporting nature, and improving infrastructure. 

“This is a challenge I know New Zealand can succeed in. Our plan is achievable because it includes a role for Government as well as for every community and sector of the economy.

“Addressing climate change now means we can bring down the cost of living.

“Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels will shield households from the volatility of international price hikes while reducing transport and energy bills.

“Households are already seeing the impact of escalating petrol prices and this plan sets out practical ways to cut power, transport and other costs by taking climate friendly actions.

“Cutting agriculture emissions and greening our exports protects our brand in a market where international consumers are looking for products produced with care for the climate.

“We can see around us that climate change is here now. We can’t opt out of the effects of climate change so we can’t opt out of taking action.

“The Government’s actions over the past four and a half years have bent the curve of our emissions trajectory, and this plan will now accelerate our emissions reduction,” Jacinda Ardern said.

“This is an historic day for climate action in Aotearoa. The Emissions Reduction Plan will ensure New Zealand is on track to meet the climate targets this Government has put in place all while creating new jobs, improving our communities, and making life better for people,” Climate Change Minister James Shaw said.

“Over the last four years this Government has put in place a framework for bold, enduring climate action that will reach across governments, across parliaments, and across generations. Because of this work, New Zealand is on track to bend the curve of its emissions downwards for the first time in its history.

“But lasting climate action is about more than setting targets. It’s about take the actions, both large and small, that together add up to a better future for people and for the planet. And that’s what the Emissions Reduction Plan is all about.

“The plan we have published today lays the path towards a net zero future where more people can purchase EVs, our towns and cities have world-leading public and active transport infrastructure, our highest emitters have switched to clean and reliable energy, our farmers are growing food in ways that help the climate, and more of our homes are warmer and more affordable to heat.

“The Emissions Reduction Plan is a plan for the whole of New Zealand. The Government will play a key role in getting the system settings right and accelerating the use of low-emissions practices and technologies. But we cannot do it alone.

“Tackling climate change requires the combined effort of government, iwi / Māori, unions, communities, local government, and business. This plan will guide the work we do together so that collectively we transition to a low carbon future in a way that benefits everyone,” James Shaw said.

A number of these key actions outlined in the plan have received funding from the Government’s new Climate Emergency Response Fund in Budget 2022.

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