More oil company subsidies and more power price increases under National

Power prices are set to rise further under National along with our carbon emissions, as outlined in its Energy and Resources policy announced this morning, the Green Party said today.

National has announced a further $8 million of new subsidies for oil companies and no new initiatives to curb rising electricity prices, up 27 percent since 2008 despite residential demand falling by 2.6 percent.

“National is taking New Zealand down a path of dirty energy and rising electricity prices. Three more years will only make this worse,” said Gareth Hughes, Green Party energy spokesperson.

“National is already subsidising big foreign oil by $46 million per year, so this additional $8 million of new subsidies shows they’re staying in big oil’s back pockets.

“In 1980, 91.3 percent of our electricity came from renewable electricity. In 1990 it was 80.8 percent. In 2013, renewables’ share had fallen to 75.1 percent. While the numbers bounce around depending on rainfall, the trend has been towards more dirty power.

“National is standing in the way of our clean energy future.”

Mr Hughes was also critical of National’s record on electricity prices.

“Power prices have gone up 27 percent since National took office despite a 2.6 percent fall in residential demand,” said Mr Hughes.

“Consumers are struggling with rising power prices and National’s announcement today has nothing in there for them.

“We can reduce families’ power bills by around $300 per year through the introduction of a single buyer – New Zealand Power.

“Our target of 100 percent renewable electricity generation by 2030 is realistic.

“The Green Party will help homes and schools wanting to invest in solar by providing low-cost loans to buy solar panels to enjoy free, sustainable power for decades.

“We have a plan to deliver New Zealanders smarter, cheaper, and cleaner power.”


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