Pig-farm fire shows why it’s time for farrowing crates to go

The horrific deaths of 400 mother and baby pigs in a Waikato farm fire is another example of why farrowing crates must go, the Green Party said today.

“I am extremely saddened by the appalling deaths of these intelligent animals,” said Green Party animal welfare spokesperson Mojo Mathers.

“Not only did these pigs lead terrible lives, living in cramped pens with little room for movement, they ended up suffering horrible, traumatic deaths as well.

"This is another example of why free-range pig farms should be the only permitted farming system allowed.  

“From what we’ve heard so far, we also understand that there was no sprinkler system in place in the building that burned down.

“We also know it’s not the first time there’s been a major fire on this farm that has led to the deaths of hundreds of pigs.

“MPI should immediately audit all pig farms for fire safety.

“Accidents do happen, but it should be mandatory for farmers to have safeguards in place that protect their animals’ safety should a fire break out.

"Installing sprinkler systems in all intensive farms is one step in preventing hundreds of animals being burnt alive,” said Ms Mathers.