PM must raise West Papua in today’s Indonesia talks

John Key’s talks with President Joko Widodo in Indonesia later today need to include a discussion of the deteriorating human rights situation in West Papua, the Green Party said today.

The Prime Minister will be speaking with President Widodo as part of his trade and economic mission to Indonesia, but so far he has refused to confirm whether he will raise the widespread reports of mass arrests, torture and state-sanctioned killings in West Papua.

“Today is John Key’s chance to do the right thing and speak up for the West Papuan people whose legitimate concerns are not being heard,” said Green Party MP Catherine Delahunty.

“It is positive news that the Prime Minister will be raising the use of the death penalty in Indonesia during his visit, but he needs to take the logical next step and talk about the thousands of peaceful protestors who have been arrested in West Papua over the last few weeks.

“John Key needs to act on the human rights principles that New Zealand stands for, and urge President Widodo to stop military and police abuses in West Papua,” said Ms Delahunty.