PM must stand down McCully to protect NZ’s reputation

John Key should protect New Zealand’s international reputation by standing down Murray McCully while his role in the Saudi sheep saga is investigated by the Auditor-General, the Green Party said today.

“It’s embarrassing that Murray McCully is representing New Zealand on the international stage while he’s under investigation for the role he played in these very dodgy dealings,” said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw

“Keeping Murray McCully on duty overseas may help protect him from having to answer to the public and media at home, but it’s harming New Zealand’s international reputation.

“New Zealand is known as being one of the least corrupt nations in the world – sending Murray McCully out onto the global stage on our behalf is putting that all at risk.

“Throughout this whole Saudi sheep saga, John Key has been fudging his answers and protecting his minister when pressed on Murray McCully’s behaviour, particularly around what he did or didn’t hide from Cabinet.

“I’ll be asking John Key more questions in the House today about why he’s refusing to show some leadership and stand down Murray McCully,” said Mr Shaw.


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