Reform ACC to support survivors of sexual violence

The Green Party is launching a campaign today calling on the Minister for ACC, Carmel Sepuloni to ensure all survivors of sexual assault get the support they need, when they need it.

The Green Party is calling on the Minister to:

  • Remove the requirement that survivors of sexual assault complete a lengthy assessment before accessing long term support; and
  • Provide mental health support for all sexual assault victims

“For many survivors of sexual assault, ACC is not a safe place to turn to get the support they need, unlike it is for someone who, say, suffers a sports injury. This needs to urgently change,” says Green Party spokesperson for ACC Jan Logie.

“It can take a lot for survivors of sexual assault to reach out for help. But right now, ACC’s processes mean that many survivors often have to go through a long and traumatising process before getting the help they need.

“The Green Party is calling on the Minister to change the system so that survivors of sexual assault can go to ACC knowing that their story will be believed and that they can access the support they need without having to jump through legal hoops. By doing this, by believing survivors, those who need it will be able to get help.

“ACC should be there in times of unexpected need. But right now nearly two thirds of people who go to ACC for help following sexual violence are not successful.

Signing our petition will send a message to the Minister that people want New Zealand to be a place where survivors are believed, and there are no barriers to getting the help they need."


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