Revamped “100% Pure” campaign needs real-world back-up

Urgent action is needed to make the 100% Pure New Zealand slogan authentic, following the revamp of Tourism New Zealand’s marketing campaign with more emphasis on the natural environment, the Green Party said today.

“New Zealand’s clean, green image is a major drawcard for tourists but the Government’s inaction on the environment means we run the risk of irreparable damage to the tourism brand,” Green Party tourism spokesperson James Shaw said.

“Tourism Minister John Key says 100% Pure is just a ‘marketing campaign’ and he’s ‘not sure every time someone's eating McDonalds they're lovin' it’, but tourists do love our clean, green image so it’s really important that we can back up the slogan in the real world with facts and action.

“66% of our rivers are too dirty to swim in. Immediate action is needed to safeguard the clean, green image.

“The National Government has shown that it’s prepared to risk the clean, green brand that is worth almost $20 billion.

“Most New Zealanders wouldn’t trash the natural environment in their backyards and communities, but the Government encourages industries to do exactly that.

“The Government’s pollution economy encourages industry to cut down forests for conversion to dirty dairy farming, with disastrous consequences for our rivers and lakes.

“We know that we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground if we’re to prevent catastrophic climate change, but the Government encourages more drilling and fracking, increasing the risk of a devastating oil spill.

“New Zealand has among the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world.

“The Green Party has a plan to clean up our rivers so they’re safe for swimming, and cut greenhouse gas emissions while growing the economy at the same time.

“100% Pure is an aspirational branding slogan, but without the genuine real-world action to back it up it risks backfiring on New Zealand,” said Mr Shaw.