Special votes return 14 Green Party MPs again

The return of Green MP Steffan Browning to Parliament on the special votes means the Green Party will continue this term with a strong team of 14 MPs again.

"This is great news for the Green Party and shows we held our own in the election, returning the same number of MPs to Parliament, despite a swing to the Government," said Green Party co-leader Russel Norman.

"The Green Party continues this term with a strong team of 14 MPs, a united caucus, stable leadership and a clear vision for a better New Zealand.

"With 14 talented MPs in Parliament, we will again set the agenda this term and be a strong voice for a cleaner, fairer, smarter New Zealand."

Steffan Browning's return to Parliament comes at the expense of a National Party MP.

"This means National does not have an outright majority on every vote and will require ACT, United Future or the Maori Party support to pass legislation," said Dr Norman.

"There is now increased representation for the opposition, which is more in line with how MMP is designed to function.

"Steffan Browning brings a term of experience in Parliament, and a wealth of experience out of it. 

"He's a long-time campaigner for smart sustainable agriculture and safe food, and a valued advocate for New Zealand's growers and producers."


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