In the wake of COVID-19, we must empower small businesses in Aotearoa to flourish, create new jobs, and support their local communities.

The Green Party knows that supporting sustainable business is one of the best ways to renew our economy. COVID-19 has shaken up “business as usual,” and highlighted existing issues like cash flow insecurity and the power imbalance in commercial tenancy arrangements.

We all need our local businesses to be resilient and well equipped to protect the environment. We want them to create less waste, and employ more people than before.

The Green Party will ensure government investment is directed toward sustainable business initiatives.

The Green Party will:

  • Revitalise ‘Buy Kiwi Made’ and increase country of origin labelling so it’s easier to support local businesses.

  • Commit government departments to buying more goods and services from Aotearoa businesses.

  • Support small owner-operator tenants to resolve issues with commercial landlords during and beyond the COVID-19 economic period.

  • Provide sustainable business leadership training programmes so local businesses grow and adapt to new modes of operation.

  • Review regulatory frameworks that distinguish between commercial businesses and non-profit organisations, to support social enterprises to thrive.

  • Encourage business-clustering  so  small  businesses can share resources and expertise, and encourage circular business relationships where the outputs of one business are the inputs to another.

  • Support more apprenticeships and training subsidies.


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