Teanau Tuiono first Green MP appointed Assistant Speaker

The Green Party is pleased to announce today that MP Teanau Tuiono will be an Assistant Speaker for the 54th Parliament.

“This is the first time in history that a Green MP has been appointed to this role, and it is an honour to serve Aotearoa’s Parliament,” says Green MP Teanau Tuiono.

“I would like to thank my colleagues across the house for my appointment, and their trust in me to do the job. I’m looking forward to being useful, as they say on the marae don’t just stand around. Pick up a tea towel or grab a shovel.

“I also would like to acknowledge the previous Speakers, Trevor Mallard and Adrian Rurawhe for their work to make Parliament a better place, and their dignity in presiding over the house.

“The Green Party is committed to working with the new Speaker towards continuing to make Parliament family friendly, protecting staff, accessibility across the precinct and honouring the duty of care members of this house have to each other,” says Teanau Tuiono.