The future of Aotearoa is at stake

The next 100 days will be a fight for our future.

“The random, visionless, and harmful grab bag of policies in the government’s 100 day plan does not represent our future. Now more than ever we need to stand up for Tiriti-centric Aotearoa that works for everyone,” says co-leader of the Green Party, Marama Davidson.

“This is not a serious government. People deserve a government that is serious about addressing the challenges we face right now.

“Thousands of people are struggling to put food on the table, yet all they are seeing on their televisions and in the papers are a group of politicians messing around with pet projects and petty grievances.

“We have stood up to National, Act, and New Zealand First before - and we are going to do it again. No one doubts that it will be tough, but for more than 30 years we have known better than anyone that there is only one way to change Aotearoa for the better - and that is together.

“The Green Party will push every single day to make sure everyone has what they need to get by, that our children always have enough to eat, that our native wildlife and ocean thrives, and that Aotearoa is tackling climate change with the urgency it demands.

“Plans to abolish the much needed Māori Health Authority, remove protections for working people, and roll back climate action will be met with enormous opposition inside and outside of Parliament.

“More New Zealanders are with us than ever before and share our values. They want transformational change - and that is what we are going to be fighting for the next 100 days and long into the future.

“We will use every inch of the power New Zealanders have given us in the most effective way we can so we can get the change we so desperately need.

“Politics is about more than gimmicky announcements, things politicians say for attention, and it's even about more than just Parliament. It is about coming together to change things for the better - and that is what we are here to do,” says Marama Davidson.

Green Party co leader James Shaw added:

“The Green Party will make sure the voices of workers are brought into Parliament in the face of the repeal of Fair Pay Agreements and re-introduction of harmful 90 day trials.

“We will fight to maintain the progress that we have made on climate change as the Clean Car Discount is scrapped.

“And, we promise to always work for Tiriti justice, that Māori have adequate access to healthcare, and that te reo Māori continues to be celebrated despite divisive attempts to do the opposite and disestablish the Māori Health Authority.

“The children who will go hungry because of this government, need us to fight for them.

“The whānau who cannot pay the rent and are sending their tamariki out to work instead of school because of this government, need us to fight for them.

“The young people growing up worrying about what their future holds on a warmer, more unstable planet, need us to fight for them.

“And that is exactly what we will do,” says James Shaw.