Town Hall decision a victory for Christchurch and democracy

The decision to restore Christchurch’s Town Hall is a victory for the people of Christchurch and a validation of their democratic rights, the Green Party said today.

“Since the earthquakes, Cantabrians have become all too used to Government-appointed bureaucrats making decisions without any real mandate, and without hearing the public’s concerns or heeding their wishes,” said Green Party Christchurch issues spokesperson Eugenie Sage.

“By voting to restore the Town Hall, rather than bowl it, the Council has listened to the wishes of the people and made the right decision for Christchurch.

“There will be a lot of people walking around Christchurch with smiles on their faces today.

“Restoring the Town Hall has always been the best option – economically, culturally and for rebuilding a sense of civic pride.

“This building is a Christchurch icon and, with restoration, will once again be known as one of the top concert venues in the world.

“This is a great example of elected councillors making critical decisions based on the wishes of their constituents.

“There’s a lesson here for Gerry Brownlee, CERA, and the Government.

“They should all take note of how democratic decisions should be made – by the councillors elected by Christchurch residents, and not by those who spend most of their time in Wellington.

“This is a great day for Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region,” said Ms Sage.



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