Two dollar tax bribe at what cost?

The Government needs to rule out borrowing to pay for tax bribes while funding for core education and health services continues to fall behind what’s needed, the Green Party said today.

“Bill English’s surplus works out at $2.20 a week per person – about the price of a pack of chewing gum – so if he wants to cut taxes more than that he’s going to need to borrow to fund his tax bribes,” Green Party finance spokesperson Julie Anne Genter said.

“Which core services are going to have their funding cut even further to pay for the tax bribe Bill English says he wants to hand out before the next election, or is he going to rack up the Government’s borrowing instead?

“It’s irresponsible for the National Government to start talking about tax bribes while teachers need investment in more resources, police stations are closing, the health system is squeezed, and thousands of kids go to school without lunch.

“$2.20 a week is not going to make any difference for a young family trying to buy a house in Auckland.

“People can have fiscally responsible governments as well as better quality of life with better healthcare, smart transport infrastructure, and basic things like lunches in schools – but the National Government will have to change its priorities to achieve this.

“The Green Party would tax the carbon pollution that puts our way of life at risk, and recycle that revenue back to families and businesses to make them better off,” said Ms Genter.


Note: based on the current number of 3.6 million working age New Zealanders, the $414 million surplus could pay for a $2.21 weekly tax cut for each of these people, for one year.