Union Greens

Union Greens is back! Our network shares important kaupapa with the Green Party and we have re-formed to bring closer together the union movement, its 360,000 members, and the Green Party.

Kahikatea tū i te uru — We stand as a grove of kahikatea, because connected and in numbers our lofty trees are strong.

Unions stand up in solidarity to collectively engage with members in their workplaces to organise workplace, social and political causes to improve the working conditions of all workers. We have been at the forefront of progressive causes and in climate marches. As a party, the Greens understand the strength and importance of collective action. As a network, we bring together the collective action - and collective potential - of union members to the Greens’ kaupapa. 

Our workplaces are in crisis. Driven by the capitalist illusion for unlimited growth and exponential profits for the few, neoliberal reforms over the last 30 years have taken away the voice of workers from decision-making and our ability to collectivise. This has led to wages that don't meet the ever-increasing costs of living, more casualised/atomised workers, work that is less secure or even unsafe physically and socially. The list goes on... We need to empower every worker in their workplace and at the same time we need to engage in reducing our collective carbon footprint, create sustainable cities that start with sustainable workplaces, and make real the many conversations on just transitions.

Our kaupapa is collective, it is diverse, it is Te Tiriti focused, and it reflects the changing face of workers and unionism. Join us.

If you would like to join the Union Greens please email union.greens@gr​eens.org.nz or the Union Greens Facebook group.

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